"Torie Sue has worked with both my daughters. Mary, 15, was regularly waking up to throw up, and always having multiple digestive issues (one way or the other!) keeping her from school. There was never any identifiable thing for the Doctors to diagnose, so they would treat her with Nexium. Since we worked with Torie, she has been back at school with little to no problems with her stomach and she‘s off the Nexium!

My 6 year old was having so much anxiety about using the bathroom, she would have accidents and other problems from holding it for so long. She has been potty trained since she was two, but the anxiety was so tough for her to get through! She just couldn’t give herself permission to go. After doing a session of EPT, she has had the ability to relax and use the bathroom when she needs to. Severe anxiety gone!"
- Jennifer B. Beavercreek, Ohio


Torie Jacobson is a professional with a personal style that is caring, friendly, and approachable. I immediately felt at ease, and able to discuss the issues that were causing me concern. The techniques she uses have made a positive difference. I was struggling with anxiety about an upcoming family reunion. Through EPT, Torie was able to discover the origin of the negative emotions I was experiencing, help me address them, and help build confidence and skills to successfully navigate the challenges of the situation.

I have consciously recognized that the original challenge is no longer a problem, and if the memories returns, they are no longer filled with the emotion and the accompanying physical anxiety that it has had for the past 30 years.

You will be pleased with the results you get. I am.
- Rachael W. Beavercreek, Ohio


"Torie Sue Jacobson of TS Energy Works has helped both me and my daughter with issues concerning OCD, anger, depression, and anxiety. Relationships in our family have improved as a result, and personal well-being and peace have increased. I will be taking some of my other children to her for these same emotional and physical healing benefits. Torie Sue is personable and understanding and I trust her implicitly. She has been a blessing to me and my family"
- Diana L. San Antonio, Texas

"No fits from either of the girls- that's a first in months! Everyone has been happy and cheerful, and Elizabeth is taking lovely naps! I just wanted to thank you again! I'm excited, can't wait to see how things go from here!"
- Allison J. Beavercreek, Ohio


EPT is an effective healing tool for discovering and releasing trapped emotions you may be carrying. I have been able to overcome many weaknesses and move forward in areas of my life where I have been stuck for years through EPT. The fear, pain and other negative emotions I experienced in my youth are not holding me back any more. Torie Sue is a caring and competent professional. I am so privileged to have her assistance in my healing process.
- Joanna H. Beavercreek, Ohio

"I feel incredibly lucky to have met Torie Sue. After just one session with her, I saw a huge change in myself that crept up on me slowly, but is very apparent. She clearly loves and believes in what she is doing.
- Katherine M. San Antonio, Texas

(In protecting confidentiality, names have been changed & photos are not those of actual clients.)